Denise Beauregard

Independent Business Association
Detroit, Michigan
Current Administrator for the Independent Business Association. Denise M. Beauregard is a native Detroiter with a long history of community service in the City of Detroit. Initially after studying economics at Wayne State University she began her professional career working for Rockefellow Homes managing the purchasing functions. Four years later, she joined Prudential Life Insurance Company as an agent eventually developing a specialized practice working with self-employed Medical professionals, small business owners and non-profits seeking to use Charitable Gifting to build endowments. Ms. Beauregard has also worked in Pharmaceutical Research firm Parexel in Massachusetts coordinating Osteoporosis field testing in the Central Michigan area during Phase IV of the NORA assessment in the United States.
Currently, as CEO, Owner and Editor of Informative Medical Dispatches, Ms. Beauregard operates an online Research Service that identifies medical treatments and services nationwide for health issues providing users access to alternative health centers, information about cutting edge medical treatment and access to information regarding participation in medical trials.