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Felicia Jennings

Circa Nine
Owner/Wardrobe Stylist
Felicia is an Atmosphere Changer who enjoys bringing light and positive change to the lives of each person she encounters; an immense lover of the arts, fashion, & family.

About Circa Nine...
The spirit of Circa Nine embodies, in nostalgic celebration, a period in time when chivalry and charm were the order of the day and meticulous attention was given to grooming and detail. Men and women dressed smartly and impeccably, for no other reason than to celebrate the dawning of a new day. We were always... "dressed to the nines". Circa Nine enthusiastically brings that mindset to modern dressing. Circa Nine provides tools to promote empowerment and inspire self confidence.

Circa Nine offers wardrobe styling & personal shopping services, and hosts retail sales events.

Studied Fashion Design & Merchandising, International Academy of Design & Technology