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Penguicon Board of Directors
Randal Bradakis
Randy Bradakis is the President of the Penguicon Board of Directors.

Penguicon is run by a Convention Committee for one year at a time, but also has a multi-year governing body, the Board of Directors. The Board makes decisions for future years of Penguicon, but does so only when unavoidable, in order to leave the Convention Committee with as much control of their weekend as possible. Multi-year decisions include:
Select each year’s Convention Chair. Approve the Convention Chair’s budget proposal. Keep the bank account. Pay taxes. Set down the minimum rules and Code of Conduct that each year’s Convention Committee expands on. Collect private reports of isolated misconduct, to detect multi-year patterns of misconduct from any individual which may need to be addressed outside the convention weekend. Provide information technology infrastructure. The Board meets four times a year for scheduled meetings as well as special meetings. Meetings are open to the public. You may email the Board Of Directors at: board-members-only@penguicon.org