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Regina Polanco

Founder & CEO
Regina Polanco, 25 years old is a Spanish national and well-travelled entrepreneurial mind.
She has lived in several countries including Austria, Morocco, Spain, Mauritania and Switzerland. Thanks to her exposure to all those different cultures she has developed a great awareness of her environment and the challenges of her generation. Alongside her Law & Politics university studies, Regina also shaped her business mind and gained practical expertise by participating in the creation of several start-ups, driven by her interest in innovative business.

While Regina was still at boarding school in Switzerland, she was part of a very international environment. She was surrounded by dynamic, ambitious people, which travelled a lot. Fitting this active lifestyle, they wore sportswear. This was the inspiration that got Regina started, at 21 years old with PYRATES. She wanted to create sportswear adapted to the active lifestyle of Generation Y. She first started to develop a luxury label for jogger pants. However, she thought that there is a crucial part missing in the world of fashion that holds a lot of potential: combining fashion with technology. She had the vision that due the intimate relation we have with textiles, these should be carrying benefits for our body. It is this visionary mission that gave rise to the name PYRATES referring to the revolution and the desire of the generation Y to be game-changers. She carried out the R&D phase with a textile institute and the establishment of the production chain.

A first collection of athleisure wear was developed for the millennial who fight and innovate, needing clothes that protect them like a fashionable armour against the external elements. Inspired by her firs designs of luxury jogger pants, aesthetics needed to keep playing a big role in PYRATES, even when the technological aspect was added. Indeed, PYRATES uses a natural and invisible technology: instead of for example attaching electronics to a garment, it was about embedding a technology coming from nature itself into fabric and making it life-lasting.

Regina is now leading a small team and started recently the commercialisation of PYRATES designs but also B2B collaborations by selling the PYRATEX® fabrics to brands and designers who want to participate in her mission to create fashionable armours against the external elements.